Thursday, 8 January 2015

Falconry Centre

Me and my dad went across to Yorkshire on his bike on the 21/9/2014. We saw some bikers we knew and then went further on to get to a place my dad had heard about.
We were off to the Falconry Centre in Settle  The views from the centre were amazing, and then add a falcon flying through the scene it goes that one step further.
We began by walking around, looking and photographing the birds. Some were stood on branches in some well designed caves which gave them shelter for the day. Others were in cages. These were the bigger birds though. However the cages and the other onlookers didn't stop them from making a noise.
There were Vultures, Harriers, Hawks and Owls. the place is really well set out and you are able to see all the birds even when they are under shelter. There are special offers you can get which allow you to hold most of the birds there and have a personal guide to tell you about them, but we just had a look around.
Throughout the day there are displays, which allow you to get up close and personal with them, you literally have to duck when they are flying, which is amazing! Some land on the fence you are stood at which allows you to get some great portraits of the falcons. They don't only just bring one falcon out, they bring a range of falcons out, so you get to experience a variety of behaviours.
I was busy snapping photos of their Buzzard flying over with the valleys in the backdrop, but quite a few people got up and had Barn Owls landing on their arms.
One of the Barn Owls there, had been on Emmerdale. At the start of Emmerdale in the introduction when the owl flew through the graveyard. It had also played a role as a sick Owl in an episode. As this owl however was healthy, beforehand they fed him quite a lot of mice, and this did the job (he was totally fine with it).
After the display we had to head home. My dad took me through some valleys which he had planned a route on before. the path we were on had cliffs on one side and on the other were deep valleys. Sheep were dotted amongst the scragged landscape and Kestrels were hovering and diving amongst the valleys.


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