Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Best of Cockerham birds

I wasn't expecting to see this Osprey fly over. I knew exactly what it was because I really wanted to see one. I made my sister who isn't into birding stop what she was doing, to look up, so she could say she had seen a wild one. And I'm glad I made her. my favourite sighting there by far!
Black Swan
This again was unexpected as it was in the middle of no where with a large group of Whooper Swans. it was purely wild as well as it had no ring.
Whooper Swan
Great names, enough said
Red Breasted Merganser
A really smart bird. mainly seen on the River Lune with a few others when the tide is going out, so they were at a distance
These are some amazing birds. they kept together as a small group whilst flying amongst some trees
I love Skylarks, because they are great to watch hovering whilst singing above fields.
Sedge Warbler
This warbler was calling from some reeds when me and my nan were on a walk.
Little Owl
This owl lives in an abandoned barn at Cockerham

There have also been Tree Sparrows, a lot of Little Egrets, Ringed Plovers, Little Ringed Plovers, Curlews, Bar Tailed Godwits, Wheatears, Goldcrests and many other bird species. It really is a genuinely brilliant place.  

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