Monday, 29 December 2014

My guest post

I did a guest post on my favourite blog on the 11th December.
To see it the link is below:

Jake's blog (jakes bones) is a fantastic blog about a thirteen year old living in Scotland. He collects bones and has been since he was six! He has also written a great book, about bones and obviously its called Jakes Bones. He has over 100 skulls on display in his bedroom! Jake has also been in the media quite a bit, including being on The One Show with Sir David Attenborough and on Autumn and Winterwatch. He started blogging in 2009 and blogs once a week about bones he finds, or about animals and birds he sees on his walks. A link to his blog is below. I really recommend that you take a look.

Earlier this year (July), me and Jake found that we were staying at the place. I was on holiday at Cockerham and received a tweet off Jake with a photo of S.BAGSHAW carved into the red rock.

His dad had taken a photo of it on a walk, and Jake had recognised the last name, so contacted me. We met up later on and had a game of pool in the pub and then went for a walk on the beach. He had to go the following day for his uncles graduation, but we keep in touch. It was a lot of coincidences, which lead to a great meeting and friendship.

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