Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sunday Birdwatch Challenge 2

This weekend Ryan and I did our second challenge of counting the bird species and individuals we saw in our gardens for an hour. We started at 13:00 and finished at 14:00. Within that time both of our weathers have been very windy (30-40mph), it has rained and been very grey.

View from the window

From the looks of the trees bashing about in the wind, we both didn't think we would get any birds at all. With a cuppa and pineapple and ham panini in hand, the clocks started. these are our results...

Ryan                                                                             Me

5  House Sparrow                                                        6  House Sparrow
                                                                                     5  Blackbird
                                                                                     2  Blue Tit
                                                                                     2  Great Tit
                                                                                     2  Dunnock
                                                                                     2  Collared Dove
                                                                                     2  Feral Pigeon
                                                                                     2  Magpie
                                                                                     1  Robin
                                                                                     1  Coal Tit
                                                                                     1  Wren
                                                                                     1  Woodpigeon

Total 5                                                                          Total 27

We are putting the lack of birds at Ryan's down to the weather. Giving the wind was over 40mph, not many birds braved it. Or the birds are just be tougher up north. These are our results compared to last weeks...



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