Thursday, 28 May 2015


Last August my aunty rang me up and told me that she had found something for me, and that I shouldn't tell mum. It was a Badger she had found at the side of the road. It was in pretty bad shape at the start, but I went along with it to see what the final result would be like.

I have not seen a live wild Badger, but this encounter allowed me to study it up close and personal. It is definitely a digging machine, the muscles and the huge claws on the paws where incredible. The fur was rough but I love the pattern on it. I left it at the bottom of the garden and waited quite a few months until I finally saw it again. When I did, I knew it was going to be a task putting the skull back together. There were over 30 large and small pieces that made up this skull. Unfortunately I didn't managed to find the right place for a few of them, but I still am happy with the result it came out like.

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