Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fairhaven Diver

I wrote about a twitch I went on to Fairhaven Lake back in February, to see the Red Throated Diver ( click here to see it ). At the bottom I had written I had found a Great Northern Diver. Well... turns out it wasn't a Great Northern. At first I had measured it to be just over 160mm range, which was in the right area for a GND.

However, once I had the final skull, it measured to be 120mm. The feathers had added an extra 40mm on! After some conversing with Ben Garrod and Paolo Viscardi, we concluded that this is a Black Throated Diver!!
The skull needed a bit more cleaning, so I scrubbed it and left it soaking in some hydro pero over night. This is before the cleaning to the end result.

I am really pleased with the final piece, it is definitely one of my favourite skulls in my collection now. I doubt I will find another one of these, so this to me is very valuable!

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