Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fabien the Fox

On the 28th Dec I went birding at Pilling and found a fox. Here's the tale of the Fox (pun intended).
Unfortunately this fox (now named Fabien) had been hit by a car along one of the country lanes. One of the legs had been badly hit and broken. I found the skeleton behind a fence and only managed to see it because the tail and part of the bottom vertebrae was on the grass verge. At first I thought it was a rat at a distance but as I got closer, I saw the long tail and thought that it wasn't an abnormally large rat, but a fox.
2013 FOX CUB
It was my first ever fox I had found. I have been wanting to find one for ages and then my chance came. I was so happy and couldn't wait to clean it up and add too my collection. I don't have many mammal skulls, mostly birds. My aunty had given me a road killed Badger, but it doesn't feel the same as finding it on my own.
So I cleaned it up a bit and then left it soaking in water over a month or so. Then for a two nights it was left soaking in hydrogen peroxide. This makes it go a clean, whitish colour. However it can't be left in too long otherwise it will go brittle and maybe break, then it was left to dry. It has all its teeth, however the gaps you will see in the following photos are where teeth have fallen out and the bone has healed over. So here is the finished Vulpes Vulpes.



  1. As I said on Twitter: A very cool skull. And I'm very happy for you :) I love red foxes too, they are also on my endless list of my favourite animals ^^
    It's always exciting to find a brand new skull for the collection.

    1. thank you! there is no better feeling than finding a skull that you've always wanted to find, instead of being given it :)